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Top Tips for Seller’s

1. Pricing it right
It is important to find out what your home is worth. Based off that number it is best suggested to price down 15 to 20 percent for the list price. This is a great tactic as seller’s will immediately get an abundance of interested buyers, which encourages multiple offers for the seller to bid up the price over what the home is worth. Most sellers do not want to risk this but it is the best strategy to sell a home even in the worst markets but especially in today’s competitive market.

2. Light it up
After location, good light is what every buyer cites they want in a home. When your home is bright and cheery it is more inviting therefore it is more sellable. It is best suggested to take down drapes, clean the windows, increase light bulb wattage, change lampshades, cut bushes and trees outside to let the sunshine in.

3. Find the right agent
Seller’s want to work with an agent that knows not only how to sell their home but an agent that is most informed in regards to the local market, neighborhood, happenings, events, and is up to date on technologies and how to best represent their clients home all together. An agent that is consistently up to date on the market and comparables in all aspects; location, neighborhood, house details etc.. brings more confidence, professionalism, and action to get the home sold. An agent that constantly monitors the MLS and works in a competitive way to put their best foot forward in representing the seller will get the job done and present the best offer(s) to their client.

4. Don’t over upgrade
Quick fixes before selling are good. Fresh paint, clean curtains, replacing door handles, cabinet hardware, closets on track, fixing leaky faucets, cleaning the grout, even minor landscape upkeep are good ‘soft’ upgrades that make a huge difference on curb appeal and days on the market. Majority of sellers do not get their money back when they do huge improvements.

5. The kitchen comes first
Benefits of remodeling the kitchen are endless. 85% of seller’s who upgrade and remodel their kitchen get their money back. Stick to a neutral color paint to present buyers a blank canvas. This allows buyers to envision their own style.
If the seller has a little money to spend, buy one fancy stainless steel appliance. Why just one? Because when a buyer sees one high-end appliance they tend to think all the other appliances are expensive too and it updates the kitchen in an effective way.

6. Always be ready to show
You never know when the buyer is going to walk through your door. It is important to be ‘show-ready’ at all times. Making sure the home is clean, organized, and fresh at all times can be a little inconvenient but, being available whenever a buyer would like to come see the place and having the home in tip-top shape will bring in solid offers and get the home sold.

7. The first impression is the only impression
Seller’s can typically get a 100% return on the money they put into their home’s curb appeal. The interior may look amazing but the buyer has already judged the home before walking through the door. It is important to make people feel welcome, safe, and comfortable as they approach the house. Entryways are also important. When selling, make the entryway inviting so that it makes buyers eager and ready to enjoy touring the rest of the home.