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How Property Owners Benefit from Property Management Services

Property managers are typically hired to handle all of the day-to-day operations and tasks that occur on a rental property of any kind. These operations include everything from collecting rents to approving new tenants. If you’ve purchased a rental property in Mission Valley, our management services can help ease your burdens.

What Services are Available with Property Management?

Property management services are popular with owners because it allows these individuals to build investment income while reducing the difficulties that come with performing daily property operations. A property management company specializes in every facet of ownership, which includes smaller tasks like collecting security deposits and making sure that the safety standards are maintained.

Every property has its unique needs, which will be outlined in the agreement that the property manager makes with the owner. In the event that an owner holds multiple investment properties, this individual may hire the same property management company to handle the oversight and operations for all of their properties. Since property management requires adhering to housing laws, certain states require property management companies to obtain a license before they can perform these tasks. The general property management tasks include:

• Handling maintenance requests
• Coordinating security deposits and lease agreements
• Screening prospective tenants
• Setting competitive prices that will attract new tenants
• Collecting monthly rents and performing follow-ups on any non-payments
• Maintaining the property’s physical condition
• Maintaining a repair and maintenance budget
• Hiring maintenance contractors
• Managing documents pertaining to leases, tenant requests, insurance, and maintenance

Reasons Why You Should Hire Michael Anthony Properties

The property management services that we offer at Michael Anthony Properties are designed to provide clients with many benefits that cover all aspects of managing a rental property.

For one, we’re capable of finding high-quality tenants via a thorough tenant screening process. Ample experience with the real estate industry is required to find good tenants and identify ones who might not be right for the property. The issue with having bad tenants is that getting them to leave the property can be challenging, which is why a reliable screening process is essential. The best tenants are ones who will rent long-term and make all of their payments on time.

Having a good property management company by your side should also help limit the amount of legal problems you encounter. Experienced landlords like ours understand that just one poor tenant can result in numerous legal and financial problems. Property management companies know how to protect clients from vulnerabilities and possible lawsuits. Keep in mind that these companies also handle tenant evictions and lease terminations.

When you hire a property management company, you should also benefit from shorter vacancy periods. Property managers can effectively maximize revenue with cosmetic improvements and set higher rent rates that tenants are willing to pay. The property management company you hire will also know how to market your property effectively. Experienced companies have written many ads and understand where to go to advertise to the largest audience possible. Some of the additional benefits of hiring a property management company like ours include:

• More long-term tenants
• Efficient rent collection
• Lower maintenance and repair costs
• Less stress and more freedom
• Maintain and increase rental property value

Call us today if you’d like to learn more about how our property management services will help maintain the value of your Mission Valley property. Check our testimonials, give us a call, or fill out our contact form for more information!