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Benefits of having a Property Manager manage your Short-Term/Vacation Rental

Benefits of having a Property Manager manage your Short Term/Vacation Rental

Managing a Short-Term/Vacation rental property takes a lot of time and energy. Short-Term/Vacation rentals can easily turn into a full-time job. As an owner of a property or multiple properties that you have interest in doing short-term/vacation rentals for, having a good property manager will provide you several benefits and maximize your return on investment. 

A few key benefits of having a property manager are: 

  1. Maximize the return on your Property

    1. A property manager provides professionalism, experience, knowledge, and platforms that are always up to date with the latest trends. Establishing your property through a trusted property manager will increase bookings meaning in turn will  increase monthly revenue of your property. 
  2. Marketing

    1. A property management company has the ability and access to market professional listings that appeal to renters. This drives a steady market towards bookings on the property. 
    2. Photography is very important to renters viewing rentals on the internet. Having professional, well published photos is a must to attract renters to view and book your property consistently. 
    3. Property managers can provide the owner interior styling tips to attract more renters to book their property. Based on the  property manager’s knowledge of the area, constantly visiting and maintaining short-term/vacation rentals, and market trends will allow owners to always keep their properties at the top of the list for places to stay. 
  3. Hands off Experience

    1. Owner does not have to remain on call 24-hours a day. Instead, if the toilet doesn’t work or a guest is locked out in the middle of the night, they call the property manager, not you.
    2. The property manager books and manages all bookings. The property manager handles guest screening, deposit collection, and communication with the guests’ from initial inquiry through the end of their stay.
    3. The property manager greets guests’ and accompanies restock supplies, housekeeping, & laundry and linens. They are constantly checking up on the property between turnover stays. 
    4. The property manager schedules and communicates with their team of well trusted vendors, maintenance, and cleaning.
    5. Reliable booking software to ensure record of guest stays, property information, and holding deposits.
  4. Less wear and tear

    1. Professionally deep cleaned every few days/weeks compared to once a year.
    2. Ongoing maintenance checks to keep the property in pristine condition.
    3. Avoid leaks, floods, burst pipes, etc. by constantly checking the condition of the home between stays. 

Overall, the property manager’s duty to the owner of the property is to professionally market the property, book well qualified renters, maintain the appearance and upkeep of the property between stays. A property manager provides a seamless experience to successfully renting the property as a Short Term/Vacation Rental.